Why Charter a Sailing Yacht in Greece?

Why Charter a Sailing Yacht in Greece?

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Greece is ranked 11th among the countries with the largest coastline, estimated at 14000 (8699 miles) kilometers, with an estimated at 2,500-3,000 islands of which more than 200 are inhabited. It ranks 97th among the rest of the world’s countries according to the extent of their borders.

Why Charter a sailing yacht in Greece?

Oia – Santorini

The sea is the main link connecting the islands to the mainland plus neighbouring countries with different cultures and all of those people engaged in sailing. We are 100% certain that boating enthusiasts will enjoy it. The cultural heritage of Greece includes almost 3000 years of history, democracy and philosophy. It is always the sea that creates these bonds and makes people unleash all their virtues and creativity as the mild Mediterranean climate helps in the development of culture, letters and arts.

Of course it is no coincidence that many philosophers, writers, mathematicians and artists had a common origin in Greece.

When you breathe the fresh sea air full of iodine with a salty tang, you can understand the forces and attraction that the sea exerts on its inhabitants.

Innumerable islands, breath-taking crystal-clear waters, dreamy sunsets. What else do you need to spend an unforgettable vacation?

Forget the Caribbean and Hawaii?

Charter and sailing yacht in Greece!

Mandraki – Rhodes

Visit Greece!

A country that seems to have been fashioned and likened to Paradise for lovers of sailing! Cosmopolitan islands, wonderful people and fabulous food, isolated islands, what more can you ask for a trip with so much to offer and so many different destinations?

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Saronic Gulf – Aegean Sea – Ionian Sea – Cretan Sea. Four seas are full of islands large and small. With each of them having their own uniquely special history.

In the Ionian, Italian colonialism left several medieval castles, including the islands of Corfu, Kefalonia and Ithaca of Odysseus.

Greek Island

On the other hand, in the Aegean, 4 clusters await even the most discerning sailor to discover them. The Cyclades, the Sporades Islands, the Dodecanese Islands and the North Aegean islands.

Each island complex has its own character and its own cultural heritage, offering the visitor an absolute experience that stands out from all others, starting with their architecture, beautiful landscape, perfect beaches, sea and friendly wind conditions.

Sailing all over Greece offers a combination of absolute peace and the fascination with the destination, the traditional and cosmopolitan atmosphere, a serene and calm sea, an endless journey through time and history. So, by chartering a sailing yacht in Greece it will become the perfect way to relax on your vacation and enjoy life at your own speed.

Skopelos Island

You can start designing your dream cruise by renting a sailboat unless you decide to bring your own boat. Whatever, the experience will be unforgettable, but you will come back again asking to continue where you were.

You can choose an anchor in one of the thousands of marinas or choose to moor into your own “private” bay to spend your night under your starlit sky.

We said it would be your earthly paradise on earth.

In the western part of the Cyclades there are seven beautiful islands that are almost in line one below the other – here we must say that where you sail with your boat, there is no risk of not to finding land in the event of bad weather, as the maximum distance between land does not exceed five nautical miles. So long as you take care along the way, sailing in sight of the nearest coast for protection and get out of the worst of the bad weather you will be safe. We are not in the middle of the Atlantic, the Mediterranean is a much more tranquil sea. You will rarely see waves so great and rarely our seas are so bad.

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Kea Island

Closer to the capital of Greece, Athens, is Tzia or Kea. From the Cyclades complex stands out as the most green island of the Cyclades.

Below and a little south is Kythnos, one of the few islands that have not been affected by the reconstruction of the past decades. With more than 60 beaches, many of which are only accessible by boat, Colonna is the most unique and known all over the world as one of the best in Greece.

By chartering a sailing yacht in Greece this is your first step toward every sailor’s dream holiday. The journey will be unforgettable. The Sirens who sang to Odysseus and made him stay for years away from his home will sing for you too, making it difficult for you to return to the old routine.

Of course booking for the next summer is always recommended, that way the intervening time will always give you the joy of knowing that you will return, soon!

New Destinations, New Adventures!

Sail safe, sail free.