What is a Marina?

What is a Marina?

October 1, 2018 Marinas sailing Sailing news 0

New boaters may not know what a Marina is, and some ‘old hands’ may wish to share their knowledge with our newbies. Marina owners may wish to have their say too, you are welcome. Boaters are invited to send in your favourites and we may publish them with your name – with your express permission only, for the benefit of others.

Around the world there are many Marinas, they have a great deal to offer to boaters. The name Marina originates from the Spanish and Portuguese languages and is common in other Latin tongues, and of course is much in use throughout the sailing world. “A Marina is a dock, haven, or basin with moorings, and is dedicated to yachts and similar boats that are used for pleasure rather than professional and commercial purposes.” They are often located close to commercial ports. There are Marinas on inland sailing places too. Top quality Marinas* do offer safe anchorage and many services in addition. The best Marinas have anchorages, slips, safe walk-ways between anchorage points that will allow wheel chair users to gain access, repair shops, dry storage areas where boats can be hauled out of the water for the winter, gas and fuel supplies, and provisioning stores as well as chandleries. In addition, many Marinas will offer Bar and Restaurant facilities for those who wish to dine on shore after a good days sailing, and many will welcome non- sailing diners and those who wish to throw a party – Christmas is coming!

Marinas are recommended, by us to all serious boaters as they offer a vast amount of service including the fellowship of like-minded people with whom to ‘splice the main brace’.

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Talking with experienced sailing people allows the less experienced among us to learn as we listen. Plus, the folks at the Marinas will offer vast amounts of information about local conditions, race meets and sailing club events, plus details of the best sailing clubs in their area, and of course top- quality sail training.

There are top quality Marinas throughout the world, and we have readers in all of those places, please help us to help them by sharing knowledge. A busy Marina is one that deserves to succeed and in doing so will secure your favourite watering hole.

Share you favourites with us and we will pass the info on, promise!

Passionate about sailing.

* Tell us about them and we will publish the best ones.