Weather Forecast Applications Survey

Weather Forecast Applications Survey

Over the years, the development of mobile application technology has made it possible for our mobile devices to view at the touch of a button, all the information we need on our mobile screen.

Naturally, we have been enabled to make good use of these developments to provide weather data and a great deal more. And we are doing a small survey on the use of weather applications for the sea and we are immediately interested in your point of view.

This survey is completely anonymous and we do not keep any information about you. By simply devoting some of your time, you will help us better understand the needs of the average user, and if and where possible, improve the services provided to our users.

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QUESTION 1: How often do you use mobile apps for the weather at sea?

QUESTION 2: For what purpose?

QUESTION 4: How satisfied - dissatisfied are you with existing applications?

QUESTION 5: What other information would you like to have in a weather application besides forecasting?

Question 6: Do you know Marineforecaster App?

Question 6: Marineforecaster App is

QUESTION 7: Marineforecaster’s UI (User’s Interface) is

Question 8: Are you familiar with the following options of Marineforecaster App? – You can choose to check more than 1 reply. Please check only the reply you are aware of!

QUESTION 9: We are always seeking to understand the needs of our users, should you have another question not mentioned here or a suggestion on how to improve, please advise by commenting beyond on “Other” space!

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If you have not yet tried our app, Marineforecaster, we hope you will do so now and tell us what you think. It’s free to use for everyone. You can find more information about using the app here or try one of the following links for your native language – ArabicGermanGreekFrenchItalianRussianSpanish Turkish

Should you have any difficulties or have any questions, please feel free to contact us by emailing us by clicking here and we will try to respond as soon as possible.