Treating Yourself to a New Boat for New Year?

Treating Yourself to a New Boat for New Year?

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But, choose wisely and satisfy your dreams, and look forward to having the time of your life. A great deal depends on whether you are an experienced sailor looking for a new boat, an experience boater looking for a pre-owned boat or a new comer to boating and very keen to get your feet wet.

January is a good time to do your homework, it is the mid-point in the Northern Hemisphere’s off season and the Southern Hemisphere’s boating season and some of our members enjoy 365 days per year of sun and sailing.

There are many up-coming Boats Shows throughout 2019, as we become aware of them, we will post details on the Marine Forecaster Facebook site, in the Marine Forecaster monthly Newsletter or via the Marine Forecaster Global Weather app.

Either way planning is everything.

Marine Forecaster recommends boat show attendance in person where possible and online for those who cannot. Attending Boat shows are most of the commercial players in the boating game, whether your price tag is $1000 plus (the sky is your limit!) or something a touch less expensive there is usually something for everyone.

The benefits of buying new are that you are getting up to the moment equipment with a warranty and sound advice about what you are buying. Shop around, don’t buy the first boat you fall in love with, you can always go back and buy it based on an informed choice, remember a boat may be for life, not just for Christmas!

NB. There are often superb deals for buyers who buy at the Boat Shows, it is worth checking this out.

Buying a pre-owned boat? Take great care about from whom you are buying, is the seller the owner of the boat? Stolen boats are all too common and unscrupulous people will steal to sell.

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Whilst National legal codes usually control the sale and purchase in some respect and require companies to support purchasers with a warranty or ‘rights under law’ to protect the buyer this may not be the case with pre-owned sellers and especially private transaction sellers. Caveat emptor, buyer beware, do your own due diligence checks before handing over hard-earned money to buy a boat, always!

Anyone who has purchased a ‘new’ auto because it looked to be a spectacular deal, only to find later that it was wreck with a high gloss exterior will understand our point. With a used boat a fresh coat of paint, some teak oil on the decking or a nicely burbling motor can and sometimes does cover a multitude of sins! Am I saying,don’t trust anyone? Darned right I am! If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.Do your homework, and if you are not sure bring your own expert in to check it out or walk away!

Sources of solid information are available, just remember that sellers will always try to sell you a boat, no surprise there, however, check out the Sailing and Boating publications, go onto their forums and ask fellow enthusiasts for advice – read between the lines.

Join a Sailing Club or Marina, many are highly professionally run and by fellow boaters, ask around, talk to the pro’s and the guys who are smart and experienced. For the newbies, don’t be shy about asking, join a professionally qualified sailing school and ask the tutors for advice.

There are a lot of genuine people out there who will happily give sound advice, technical support, and there are decent people selling boats that are seaworthy and outstanding value.

At the end of the day the choice is yours. Buy well and enjoy the love of sailing.

Sail safe and sail happy!

Happy New Year to all our buddies who love boats.