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Should People with Disability Go Sailing?

People with disability have as much to gain from the thrill of sailing as any other person. Many do and those who do not must be made aware of the opportunities. Disability takes many forms some physical others mental and emotional – the invisible issues that people carry with them, people experiencing limitations in their…
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May 12, 2019 0

Teach Young People to Sail Right!

Start youngsters to sail as soon as they show an interest, bear in mind that square pegs don’t fit in round holes, so if a youngster hates the idea leave them until they are ready. Many sailing people around the world began as children, some of necessity because the family fish or dive for a…
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September 19, 2018 0

Essential tips when using an anchor

Duncan Wells passes on the benefit of years spent at anchor with his definitive guide to the do’s and don’t’s of dropping the hook Entrusting your boat and the lives of her crew to a piece of metal you can’t see can be unnerving Essential tips when using an anchor Avoid a lee shore Make…
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April 5, 2018 0

Understanding sea state for better passage planning

Consider wind and waves when planning and, as Norman Kean explains, you’ll be able to predict and avoid rough waters In this picture of Bernard Stamm’s Cheminées Poujoulat battling a Force 10 in Biscay at the start of the VELUX 5 Oceans solo round the world race, the wave patches can be clearly seen Understanding…
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December 1, 2017 0

‘I was rescued from death alone in mid-ocean’

Crippled by pain while sailing solo in the Indian Ocean, Andrew Halcrow had to call for rescue Under full main and poled out genoa, Elsi lifts her skirts and revels in the South Atlantic’s northeasterly trade winds ‘I was saved from death alone in mid-ocean’ In the late 1980s I built a steel yacht in…
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November 4, 2017 0

Morse Code and an Aldis lamp prevent yacht grounding off Cornwall

Left with no other means of communication, the National Coastwatch Institution watchkeeper used Morse Code and an Aldis lamp to prevent the yacht running aground off The Lizard Watchkeeper Simon Sugrue uses the Aldis lamp. Credit: Ross Durkin   The use of Morse Code and an Aldis lamp by a National Coastwatch Institute (NCI) watchkeeper…
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November 1, 2017 0

Three methods for seizing shackles

Shackles are often under high load. If one shakes open, the result could be dangerous. Chris Beeson shows how to make sure it won’t This spinnaker block shackle somehow managed to hang on by jamming itself in place, but it wouldn’t endure actual use Three methods for seizing shackles RYA Yachtmaster Chris Beeson has raced…
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October 22, 2017 0

Tom Cunliffe: A guide to downwind sailing

You don’t always want to have to come head-to-wind to reef. In this extract from The Complete Ocean Skipper, Tom Cunliffe talks about how to reduce canvas without turning around On passage, your mainsail is hoisted and likely to stay up, barring extreme weather, until you arrive and, for much of the time out there…
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October 17, 2017 0

Laura Dekker: Breaking records

What happens when you fulfil your wildly ambitious dream by the age of 17? Laura Dekker gained fame, admiration and notoriety following her circumnavigation of the globe aged 16. But what happened next? Extended periods of travel can be illuminating but also traumatic. There is a tendency to return to normal life with a bit…
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October 15, 2017 0

Can you repair a liferaft at sea?

All liferafts are sold with liferaft repair kits, but are they any use at sea, when it’s a matter of life or death? Ben Meakins finds out Seasick, dehydrated, tired and scared, this would be a far greater challenge Can you repair a liferaft at sea? ‘A horrendous sound like the ripping open of a…
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October 7, 2017 0