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Who Has Right of Way at Sea?

In Short Size Does Matter! Traditionally ‘sail before steam’ is the maxim that is often stated, and traditionally (in days of yore) respect for the rules of the ‘road’ were respected.  However, a touch of pragmatism is called for in todays world. Sure, when sailing the Bay motor powered boats will usually give way because a sail boat is harder to manoeuvre and losing the wind can be a problem for them, whereas motive power…

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Heavy Weather Is Dangerous If Not Taken Seriously!!!

[arve url=”” align=”center” title=”Heavy Weather Is Dangerous If Not Taken Seriously” autoplay=”yes” loop=”yes” /] Only the very foolish go to sea without checking the weather beforehand and acting sensibly. Wind speeds are generally acknowledged as fitting into the bands of the Beaufort Scale a universally known and often used warning. The Beaufort Scale begins at 0 which is calm, then the scale rises numerically through to 6 – strong breeze at which point the Gale…

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Morse Code and an Aldis lamp prevent yacht grounding off Cornwall

Left with no other means of communication, the National Coastwatch Institution watchkeeper used Morse Code and an Aldis lamp to prevent the yacht running aground off The Lizard Watchkeeper Simon Sugrue uses the Aldis lamp. Credit: Ross Durkin   The use of Morse Code and an Aldis lamp by a National Coastwatch Institute (NCI) watchkeeper has been credited with averting a possible grounding off The Lizard in Cornwall. Bass Point NCI watchkeeper Simon Sugrue saw…

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Sail across the Atlantic safely – how to avoid the most common gear failures

Many of the most common yacht equipment failures – the ones that plague the ARC fleet every year – can be avoided. It is essential to avoid repairs at the top of the mast while at sea if at all possible. Does wind matter? It might seem an off-hand remark perhaps when it comes to breakages; of course, when the tradewinds are strong we must expect to break more gear, but do the facts support…

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Sailors urged to report poorly marked fishing gear

The RYA is urging sailors to report all sightings and entanglements involving poorly marked fishing gear as it reveals a lack of data on the issue A campaign to improve the visibility of fishing gear at sea is appealing to sailors to report all cases of entanglement. The RYA said a lack of data could jeopardise attempts to get gear properly marked. The appeal comes after the Cruising Association (CA) launched a petition urging the…

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Sail Safe, Know The Rules, Boat Responsibly

Across the world, people are heading down to the sea in boats, many of them are seasoned hands who know the sea, those with experience have a lot to share with those who have not, new boating converts should listen carefully and beware. Before hitting the water, Take a well-recognized course of training with an organisation that will get you hands-on with a boat early on once you know the rules, learn the rules of…

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