Preparing Your Boat for a Hurricane

Hurricane Dorian is close to becoming a category 5 hurricane.

We have put together a very useful video from West Marine and Boat U.S and a guide to Preparing Boats & Marinas for Hurricanes complete with instructions on when and how to take action, what to expect during a hurricane and how best to recover in the aftermath from

The guide to preparing boats & Marinas for hurricanes

If you own a boat, the first step in developing a preparation plan is to review your contract and check for what you need to do within the terms and conditions in order to comply may require you to take certain steps or to leave the marina when a hurricane threatens. Ask the marina manager what hurricane plan the marina has in place.
Planning where your boat will best survive a storm, and what protective steps you need to take when a hurricane threatens, …. Read here more

Your first priority is your life and the life of your family. Then you can take care of the rest. Stay safe!