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Preparing Your Boat for a Hurricane

Hurricane Dorian is close to becoming a category 5 hurricane. We have put together a very useful video from West Marine and Boat U.S and a guide to Preparing Boats & Marinas for Hurricanes complete with instructions on when and how to take action, what to expect during a hurricane and how best to recover in the aftermath from The guide to preparing boats & Marinas for hurricanes If you own a boat,…

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Love Your Boat?

Treat it right and it will pay dividends! Ask anyone how important their boat is and generally the answer is unequivocal, indeed one could hazard a guess about where the beloved boat ranks in a list of priorities in quite a few relationships. There are many cartoons and jokes about the subject with human relationships coming second!For many of us our boat comes first, becoming a passion that overrides every other emotional connection, many of…

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