Swell Explained – Waves Forecast

Swell Explained – Waves Forecast

June 16, 2018 Marketing & Sales 0

Dear Robert,

We do not have much space in Google Play to reply in details with our users.

Here is a screenshot I prepared for you to explain how you read the data for Waves.

First thing you have to setup your metric units, then go to Weather Option for your forecast or live weather. There is also a short help (INFO) that can help you add your position or how to read the Live weather data.

If you need more information please check here or use the INFO option in Marineforecaster from your own mobile to read same information. You will find details, but also you will find short videos which explains every step you need to do to get forecast or “Live” weather from 11000 stations around the world!

In the home page you will find also a video for the total use of the app.

Thanks for reading this.  A better evaluation would be appreciated!

Thank you!


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