Select your Location for Weather data

Select your Location for Weather data

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In a simple understandable text, your Marineforecaster® gives three days per 3-hour weather forecast. You have three different options to choose to take weather:

  1. Manually. The format is in decimal degrees and should be as DDD.DDDDDD
  2. Semi-manual. Open the map and zoom at the point of your interest. Keep your finger for approximately 3 seconds on the same point on the screen and the application will automatically enter the coordinates of the point selected.
  3. Press GPS button on the map to track your current location. The App acquires the GPS signal to determine your position. Finding a GPS signal might take a few minutes. Make sure you are outdoors with a clear view of the sky!

Add to Favorites and the application will ask you to give a name to store this point to “My Locations“.

Clicking on the Weather application communicates with the most reliable and modern global meteorological station, WWO in real time to collect the most recent data.


The data displayed on the screen on:

Date -Sunrise & Sunset – East & West moon – Lower & upper ambient temperature – Time Forecast – Wind Intensity -Weather conditions (Sunny, Cloudy, Clear Skies, etc.) – Wind direction and visualization with direction indicator – Wind Temperature – Speed Wind gusts – wind speed – air vapor condensation index (dew point to start of rain) – temperature Sense – temperature indicator temperature sea – wave direction and visualization with direction indicator -maximum wave height – Average wave height – wave Frequency – Visibility – cloud Cover – Humidity – rain Amount – pressure – Tide. The tide data is opened by clicking the menu next to the tides display logo, displaying the data in a drop-down menu to provide sufficient space for the reading of variables that appear in each segmented 3-hour weather forecast.

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