Sea Sickness

Sea Sickness

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Sea sickness, Mal de Mer, is Common Amongst Boaters!

Seasickness (Motion Sickness) is a common problem amongst crews and passengers alike. The condition is a common disturbance of the inner ear, causing loss of balance and of equilibrium and is thought to be caused by conflicting signals in the inner ear, eyes, and sensory receptors. Motion is sensed by the brain through different pathways of the nervous system including the inner ear, the eyes, and the tissues of the body surface.

This unpleasant debilitating condition has ruined many a journey on land and especially at sea. So, what can we do about it?

Pre-emptive action to reduce the risk:

  • Take plenty of rest before the trip, take antiemetic preparations, get plenty of fresh air
  • If available get a cabin close to the waterline somewhere amid ships to reduce the amount of movement
  • Eat something before hand – avoid alcohol and greasy food, stick to basic stable food i.e. a sandwich et al
  • Some people wear anacupressure wristband and find this helps if only as a psychological distraction or placebo
  • Keep busy if you can whilst afloat to take your mid off the movement of the boat.

Medicines that can help in dealing with seasickness: Firstly, always consult a medical professional before taking any medications.

Antihistamines may be prescribed, and some can be purchased over the counter these are commonly used and generally safe.

Other preparations are available but check with your Pharmacist or Doctor where needed. Side effects occur with some remedies including causing drowsiness, if in doubt check it out!

Sailing is about having fun and enjoying your liberty safely. Even hardened boaters and some professionals can be affected by seasickness. To avoid being affected by this malady seek advice from the professionals starting with the folks at your Sailing School, or your physician or pharmacist.

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Don’t let seasickness spoil your fun or put you at risk. Enjoy being afloat in your boat!