Outboard Motors are a Stroke of Genius

Outboard Motors are a Stroke of Genius

October 16, 2018 sailing Sailing news 0

Outboard motors have been around for many years, and they are noticeable across the world in one form or another from the most primitive to the ultra-sophisticated and massively powerful.

Essentially an outboard motor is a very useful independent propulsion unit that is not an integral part of the boat. Mounted onto the transom, at the stern end of a boat, an outboard motor can provide welcome manoeuvrability to sail boats when entering or leaving their moorings, moving about the marina, and for the many inland water boaters as they head out or back to their launch point.

Small outboard motors are light enough for a person to carry, enabling boaters to remove them after use, security is a major issue making safe storage of boats and motors etc essential.

NB. When over wintering any boat remove anything that is transportable to a place of safe storage and remember boats do get stolen so immobilize the boat too – remove the wheels from trailers etc. Outboard motors are the most common and easy-to-use way of propelling small boats and other sailing craft in shallow water. In addition an outboard motor gives excellent manoeuvrability through busy harbour traffic and marina areas as the motor can be used to give direction to your boat.

For users of larger boats outboard powered small craft can be used to ferry passengers from very shallow water out to their deeper anchorage. To reduce the risk of grounding the motor can be tilted upward. Tilting helps when traveling through shallow waters and where there may be debris that could potentially damage the motor as well as the propeller.

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How to choose an outboard motor?

It is important to speak with the experts before buying and fitting an outboard to your boat. Boat Chandlers often sell outboard motors and will advise boaters about power to weight ratio, the best size of outboard for your boat – not too big and not too small, and which method of propulsion is best for your needs, gasoline powered, two or four stroke, etc. Check out the Sailing media for sound advice on all things sailing including product tests etc.

There are Outboard Motor dealerships who supply and maintain power units for inboard and outboard power plants, these professional boating suppliers know all there is to know about boating, ask for advice, shop around and get to know the pro’s and con’s before buying.

Undertake a course of professionally operated training to gain a basic knowledge of sailing, even if you plan to buy a cruiser, learn the ropes before you head out on the water.

Join a club, Sailing Clubs and Cruiser Clubs are a great place to meet like minded people, and in the process get to know the relevant facts about power units.




Author: R. Langley