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October's Newsletter

Who has the right of way at sea?


Keeping watch on any boat is important so that one always knows what is happening, and what may happen in some circumstances. Hope for the best but plan for the worst!


Why is Knowing the Depth of Water Beneath Your Boat So Important?


Old hands local to where you are sailing will know their coastline intimately, by the color of the water they know the deeps and the shallows and the very many uncharted objects just waiting to rip out the bottom of a boat or at the very least do damage including causing water to leak into the boat.

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NOAA, NOAGr & WU - Real Time Weather Data

Because No weather forecast servicebased on existing weather models, has the ability to accurately predict the weather every and each time (accuracy different from period to period and from model to model from 80% to 95% accuracy), we have created the Live Weather option where our users, beyond the forecast for the area of ​​interest, can actually get data on existing conditions from stations located in his route and so cross proof the data and plan safely his trip.Safety first ....


Some Weather Terms That Boaters Need to Know


Doldrums,a nautical term for the equatorial region of light winds between the trade winds and the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The expression doldrums is used in sailing when a boat is ...


Heavy Weather Is Dangerous If Not Taken Seriously!!!

What is a weather eye? If you don’t know you need to take some training and qualify, join a sailing club and learn your craft and learn about the weather in relation to your sport and then follow the rules. Don’t be a dead head, be smart and enjoy sailing.


Teach Young People to Sail Right!

Training in any field is about raising awareness of the sport or working environment, and it imposes a sense of discipline that is known to be essential to anyone in sporting or commercial sailing. Knowing your way around a boat, knowing the correct way to do things, dealing with danger – weather can change very quickly and even if you did check before setting out making getting back into your home marina or harbour tricky – or impossible.


 Time Has Come to Prepare for Winter


Looking forward to next seasons sailing already? Outstanding! There are a few things that need to be done now so that your boat will be fit for action in Spring 2019. Clean the boat thoroughly, inside and out, remove any vegetation and encrustations from shafts, props, rudders, hull and struts, wash down with a jet/power-wash and wax the upper surfaces. Whilst washing down look for any blistering, damage and cracks that may need to be repaired, you may see these blemishes better when the surface is wet. Thoroughly inspect on-board hardware, machinery, fixing points etc., clean them and where necessary organise any repairs, prevent issues like the spread of corrosion and take care of any replacements during the off season. Clean and repair any canvas or plastic covers etc, check out sails and maybe consider


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