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November's 2018 Newsletter

Oh! Boy What’s That in the Water?


A Buoy of course! A buoy is a floating object that will perform any of a number of functions, they may be secured in position of floating depending on what their job is. Essentially, they are a warning or advisory marker telling boaters to take note. A sea mark buoy is in place to mark… 


NOAA, NOAGr & WU - Real Time Weather Data

Because No weather forecast servicebased on existing weather models, has the ability to accurately predict the weather every and each time (accuracy different from period to period and from model to model from 80% to 95% accuracy), we have created the Live Weather option where our users, beyond the forecast for the area of ​​interest, can actually get data on existing conditions from stations located in his route and so cross proof the data and plan safely his trip.Safety first ....


Why do Some Boats Have More Than One Hull?


All boats have a hull, from a dinghy to a super-yacht they all have at least one, some are tiny – size of tea tray (Hydrofoils) whereas others are vast. Since man hollowed out a tree trunk in order to paddle to where he wished to go boats have sat in … 


Time and Tide Wait for no Man (or Woman)!


There is a lot of truth in the old adage for boating people especially. But, what is the tide and what does it mean to you? Experienced boaters and commercial mariners know how to work with the tides, newbie boaters and inexperienced sailors are advised to attend an approved training course to receive guidance about… 


Heavy Weather Is Dangerous If Not Taken Seriously!!!

What is a weather eye? If you don’t know you need to take some training and qualify, join a sailing club and learn your craft and learn about the weather in relation to your sport and then follow the rules. Don’t be a dead head, be smart and enjoy sailing.


Sailing Close to the Wind!

As is often the case sailing close to the wind has its origins in sailing, in general life it means taking a risk, cutting it fine, and for experienced sailing skippers that is what life is about, the adrenaline rush, challenging yourself against the elements, enjoying the rush, literally. Sailing close to the wind… 


Hotel Echo Lima Papa = ?


Communication is a Two-way Process, How do we communicate with other people when sailing? Wave? There is an old joke about a swimmer gesticulating frantically, ‘Is he waving or drowning?’ Any right-minded person would assume the worst and go to their assistance just in case. However, it does make a ..........


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