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Marineforecaster's September Newsletter

Time Has Come to Prepare for Winter

Sadly, for Many Boaters the Time Has Come to Prepare for Winter, So What Should You Do Now? Looking forward to next seasons sailing already? Outstanding! There are a few things that need to be done now so that your boat will be fit for action in Spring... 


I was rescued from death alone in midocean

My yacht was a Tahitiana, a double-ended steel cutter 9.6m long, called Elsi Arrub. I had huge confidence in Elsi as a superb sea boat but she was overweight and undercan- vassed by...


Understanding sea state ...

In water shallower than half the wavelength, the seabed starts to interfere. It slows the waves down, and again they pile up, getting shorter, steeper and higher. An underwater reef offshore can cause a bigger wave than...

Can you repair a liferaft at sea?

A horrendous sound like the ripping open of a huge zipper meets my ears. Air blows out in a spluttering, heinous burble. If I cannot repair the damage, I won’t last long.It’s every sailor’s nightmare. It’s bad enough that you’ve taken....


How Deep is the Ocean, how Clean is the Sea?

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Human beings have used the oceans as a trade route and playground for millennia, since man found he could get from A to B even when there wasn’t a land bridge. To this day our many sea-going friends both commercial and sporting/leisure travel the oceans in fair weather and foul. So, why do we take the Oceans so much for granted? Because they are so vast? Because they are in our collective blood?


Check Your Watercraft, Vessel, Or Boat-fax Before You Buy!


Often new boats will lose up to half of their value within the first two years of purchase. When buying a used boat, always consider the source of the boat or the parties involved. If you buy a boat from a private party it usually will not come with any type of guarantee or warranty. When buying a large priced …


How Did You Know That?


Knowing about marine weather forecast is really important when you are travelling in yachts or if you are a part of the marine world. Whatever the experience and skills set it is important for ‘professionals’ to have up to date and reliable data weather info about incoming weather ...


September’s 2018 Forthcoming Regattas

Check when and where those events take place globally!