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January & February 2019
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Editors Digest 

2019 began with a lot of turmoil in the climatic conditions around the World. In recent days we have seen in the United States a severe polar vortex causing extremely cold temperatures (-55 degrees Celsius) that froze everything including people and animals causing ....



No, but I Never Sail Wearing Different Socks.....

More about Superstitious...

Shake Off those Winter Blues...

it’s Time to Prepare
For those of us facing ice, snow, and all that Winter can throw at us, fear not Spring is only a few weeks away and with it the advent of the new season. The excitement is building, and the Sun is heading North again.
Shake Off those Winter Blues, it’s Time to Prepare

Boat Shows 2019

Boat shows are a fabulous way to spend some down time finding out about what is new in the leisure boating sector and are highly recommended.
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Man Overboard!

Going Overboard Is Our Worst Nightmare
Insuring Your Boat may be the Best Policy

Boat Insurance

Boats are meant to be used. Because insurance companies are subjected to people making fraudulent claims, trying to ‘pull a fast one’ etc., ...
... the premiums do increase plus the insurers will tighten up the pay-out requirements depending upon empirical evidence.
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