New! 2019 Version of Marineforecaster Application is now live.

We are proud to announce that the very latest edition of the Free Global Weather app by Marineforecaster for seagoing enthusiasts has just been uploaded to Google Play.

The renewed version upgrade is only for Android devices available at this time. The release for iOS will be delayed for a short time as there are some code issues that need to be solved.

What’s new?

New UI design in the graphics, new menu and a different perspective of the weather so that at a glance one can understand the general weather conditions, without getting into the details unless needed by the skipper, such as intensity and direction of wind and waves, wave height and periodicity, atmospheric pressures and other important data necessary for safe sailing or boating.

Every moon phases have also been upgraded to provide a more accurate outlook and true fidelity.

We need to point you out, to our Live weather data availability. Live weather stations are at your disposal to receive real-time data from stations close to your desired route and users can be sure of the prevailing conditions rather than just using forecasting data for their escapes, either they are planning a short trip to fishing or longer boat trips. *** For the time being some NOAA Stations for the USA area report data from other nearby buoys. This is a data base error we are about to fix the next days. Sorry for any inconvenience!

We hope that the free contour maps (Bathymetry maps) that we exclusively created for all of our users worldwide are proving useful in helping users in making their fishing more efficient as it depicts specific depths below the keel for shallow and for deeper fishing.

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All constructive input by users is welcomed as it helps become better at what we do. We are passionate about making boating for all pursuits as safe as is possible. Also, your positive vote on the Play Store is necessary to help us make further advances.

Thank you to all who support us with your advice and positive input. After all, in five years, we have gained more than 200,000 users in 145 countries and with your own advice we have improved implementation. Please, go to the information home page here to read more details or download the app from the Play Store from here!

If you would like to contact us, please email Andreas at:

Please, note, there is a common bug that some email addresses are automatically not accepted from by servers. In that case please contact us and we will do it manually. Please, allow us 12-24 hours to reply.

Thank you very much for your support.

Sail safe!