Navigating with Marineforecaster App’s Help

Navigating with Marineforecaster App’s Help

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The scenario could happen to you ….

Imagine that you have a boat with all kinds of electronic equipment on it. You are in the middle of your trip and suddenly a short circuit caused a small fire and unfortunately damaged your boating electronics.

Fortunately, the engine and the buoyancy of the vessel was not affected by the accident! You have enough fuel for your destination, but you do not know which way to go, since the incident happened late afternoon and the sun began its downward course. You’re away from your familiar places and you are sailing this area for the first time.

There is no particularly concern about the weather because the air speed does not exceed 7-10 Knots. There is rising concern though because in two hours it will get become dark and you will not be able to navigate anywhere with confidence. If you spend more fuel looking around you will become prey to the weather and the waves. You need to find a safe-haven to head for and then call for assistance to repair the onboard instruments. You do not have a satellite phone and you do not have a signal!

– The mobile?

– Why did I not think of this earlier?

The last time you used it was a little before you started your voyage to get a direction bearing from the Marine Forecaster application.

When searching the app’s options, there is more available than simply providing weather data, there are a number of additional options! There are many different types of information about ports, marinas, boat ramps, restaurants, provisions and gas stations, and a selection of favorites where with the help of gps marking your position sailing back to that location with accuracy is as easy as using your mobile device for navigating.

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Did you check your mobile phone with hope and anticipation and open the application?

Opening the “My Places”, you see the name of your destination to save, together with the date on which the saved, and the coordinates are automatically recorded by the application.

Next to the saved place, 2 images buttons “Weather” and “Map”.

Clicking on the map the position of the point that you saved to favorites will automatically appear, but also your own location live on the map.

A window constantly count the distance from the second point in whatever your choice was from Settings Option.

Now you are left to take the final action.

You need to do your repairs. And your application offers solutions. Select “Services” and a handy guide provides fast the solution.

“Services” for the time being has information about businesses that are based in Greece and only an example for the US. No other countries have been entered yet in the data base. We working on it!



This is how the inspiration was created for the implementation of the new service in the implementation of Marineforecaster.

It was based upon feedback of users who persistently called for the use of gps for many reasons. One of them was to mark their fishing grounds with precision, either about their lines and their nets or just to go back to the same point after a few days, one can mark the location of a grouper, or what was the catch of the month.

Of course, the mobile with the help of the application will not replace nautical electronic precision, nor is it the only tool that you should use to travel.

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It is a complementary tool and as such will have a number of uses.

You are our inspiration.

Our aim is for the free Marineforecaster application to become the best marine app worldwide, and for boating or fishing and we hope it will become your daily companion whilst you enjoy your favorite water hobby.

We will need your help and support our users in this.

Please, send us your comments and suggestions, or just say hello!

It will take one minute of your time to review & rate us positive on Google or Apple store. Help us stay up to the mark as we are committed to supplying many more tools to make your hobby more efficient, safer and more enjoyable than ever!