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My Places – Navigation

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My Places.

If you choose to take weather forecast data by choosing any favorite places saved in My Places, then there is a great saving of data usage, as the map is not opened again to make the site selection.

Furthermore, the application remembers the last weather forecast and you can still see it even if there is no internet access. After six hours the Marineforecaster® application will automatically renew the weather forecast for your last search, providing there is an active connection to the internet and will continue to do so every 6 hours until you close the application.

You have the possibility of sliding your finger from right to left on the name of the place that you saved, a delete button appears (“Delete”) before you can delete it from the list.

In the menu “My Places” application has the following options:

  1. Button for exporting My Locationsin CSV Pressing the CSV button send email triggered in anyone we want recipient, even so our email, with attachment in csv file for further editing or sharing with others. The file contains the name, the coordinates and the date it was to save to the file.
  2. Button for weather for marine weather forecast for this place we have stored.
  3. Button with map. This option gives us the opportunity to use our device and with the use of GPSthat each mobile device uses to navigate to where you have saved. When pressed on the map it shows the world map application with 4 different indications:
  4. a)The point I am at this moment, on the map
  5. b)My favorite spot on the position marked with a pin
  6. c)An indication in nautical miles of the distance that separates us from our position at this time to our favorite spot. The two points connected by a line between them. Each position change increases or reduces the distance between the two points.
  7. d)A compass that turns according to the direction of the mobile device that we use. By clicking on the compass icon, this changes in size, and displays in degrees the direction of the mobile device. Faintly behind the compass it shows the imaginary line connecting the two points and we can align with the top of the compass to get the exact degree’s and direction. Pressing the back button of our mobile device we can return back to our navigation.

This option was created to mark in it the fishing places we use for snorkeling, long lines, nets or simply to mark a point that we want to return to again in the future.

The Navigation Application has other uses, such as the possibility, after some disaster of the on board navigational equipment, we can mark on the map the place where you want to sail by saving it use the navigation option of the application to get there. A further function provided by applying Marineforecaster is the “Distance & Fuel Calculator” option. By now knowing our position via GPS we can measure the distance to the place we want to reach, calculate, it and calculate the amount of fuel we will need to cover this distance. Of course, the application does not contain charts to sail in straight line without knowing the waters and without having visual contact with the morphology of the specific region. So it should be used during the hours of the day when you will have enough light. In other cases, an absolute knowledge of the cruising area and shallow is needed.