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Marinas – Ports – Services & More

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This option is available through Maps.  You need to register first to be able to access Maps and all information regarding Ports, Marinas, etc


 MAPS DEMO VIDEO (Click to watch)


By choosing Ports you can acquire information about access data for any port worldwide. Opening the map and zooming in on the location of your port of interest, click above then to read the name of the port. If redo click on the name, then all information available for the port will be displayed. Specifically, the information we will receive is:

Port Name -Time zone -Office telephone & Fax – Anchor Depth-Freight quay depth – Petroleum depth – Repairs -Port size- Railway station access – Type of port maximum length-Repair zone-Accommodation – Website.


By choosing Marinas you will gain access to information about every marina located in the world. By opening the map and zooming in you can find details of your chosen marina, click above then to read the name of the marina. If redo click on the name, then all available information on the marina will appear. Specifically, the information we receive is:

The name of the Marina -Office -Telephone – Website

Boat Ramps.

By choosing Boat Ramps you will gain access to information slides that are currently available only in Greece. Opening the map and zooming into the point where your interest slide, click above then to read the name of the slips. Enlarging the hybrid map you have a visual image of slips and infrastructure.

Restaurants & Supplies.

By selecting Restaurants & Supplies acquire access information for each restaurant & craft supplies company that is currently only in America. Opening the map and zooming point where your interest point, click above then to read the address of the company. If redo click on the address, you will display all the available information on this company. Specifically, the information we receive is:

Name and type-Region enterprise -Address – Phone – Website


By choosing Stations to gain information access for gas stations which are currently only in Greece. The implementation covers mainly islands and the most frequently visited areas by boat. Opening the map and zooming in the location of the gas station in the area you move, click above then to read the name of the region. If redo click on the name, you will display all available information about the gas station. Specifically, the information we receive is:

City located gas station – Area – Telephones – Website

Distance & Fuel Calculator.

By choosing Distance & Fuel Calculator, we have the ability to chart progress and calculate the distance from one place to another and up to 11 waypoints. Marking one after the other you have the possibility of direct calculation of the distance. You can delete your last choice then or all. After pressing the Calculate Distance button you can calculate fuel consumption you will need to travel a typing click Calculate Fuel the average consumption. If your term average consumption is 2.5 give 2.5 (using the dot as decimal separator).

Note that approximately 30,000 data ports, marinas, restaurants & supplies, gas stations and sliders, which are presented in the application Marineforecaster®, collected from different sources and some items, such as phones and fax cannot be checked for any changes or omissions which may be present. Please, users, any mistake will come to their perception, to communicate with us to fix in the next version.


Using this option, the user can find useful services to all vessels, including engineers, divers and many other useful categories. The search option will enable users to find the service required by the option to “Category-Country-City and businesses containing the type of business, address, phone number, and website. At present, it is availability is only in Greece and North America, where some companies have been added. However, Marineforecaster plans to add more new companies every month. The language of the database used is common to all languages and in plain English. This is to maintain the database size to a manageable size. The map view has changed in the presentation of the hybrid map with names of locations. This is to help people find places that they may not be so well aware with ease.

SERVICES DEMO VIDEO (Click to watch)

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