Live Weather Data

Live Weather Data

July 17, 2017 Safety Sailing news Uncategorized 0


Make sure you have an internet connection before you start station search. Open the map and check the stations that appear in your area of interest.

Clicking on the station displays the name of the station, and to the right of the button (i) – Click on it to get the current information. If a station does not transmit data, the Not Available Data (N/A) will be displayed in the data location and is not a malfunction of the application but a lack of recent data on the station you selected.


The use of Weather Underground stations has a limit of 2 data requests per user, per IP, per 6 hours. Since this service is part of a monthly charge, I am kindly requesting US & Greek users to use the NOAA USA Agency and the National Observatory of Athens stations, which are provided by these institutes for free. This enables us to keep the cost under control for the time being and we are happy to share this important live-saving info with other users for free! We are asking for your understanding. We apologize for any inconvenience