How to Avoid Bad Weather Sailing?

I know exactly what it’s like. There’s nothing worse than being in the sea with the wind blowing your head off and waves swallowing your boat! The fact you’re reading this means you know what it’s like to feel helpless, not even knowing if you can manage to return to safety without loosing your life or your boat.

Until recently the only way was to check different sites and apps for the weather and hope -if you their models used will ever agree for the upcoming forecasting conditions – that they are right.

Although we here at Marine Forecaster App we have a weather accuracy that is nearly a 95% accuracy rate, we can’t avoid the fact that the left 5% is a dangerous mater. No mater what you read through reviews in similar sites, blogs or in Play Store, there is never such a thing like a 100% accuracy in weather forecasting! Every sailor with some experience knows that!

Forecasting is the possibility of the upcoming weather and not a stated fact! So each and every time a forecast, no mater where the origin of information is coming from has failed, your life is at great risk.

But no more unnecessary risks are need it. It’s my pleasure to be able to present Marineforecaster App Live Weather Stations!

Hi, my name is Andreas Fois and I’ve been developing, testing, and perfecting Marineforecaster application for over 6 years now. I love being at sea and weather was always the number one factor of a successful day! But as possibly all of you have faced it quite many times in the past, weather forecasts are not a reliable factor.

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And what I’ve proven over and over in my own experience is that the easiest and most reliable way to get a reliable forecast, and be safe is by comparing live weather data.

With Marineforecaster’s Live Weather Stations you’ll be able to decide faster than ever before if you are about to sail out.

NOAA Stations

We have been adding this addition to make sure that you know what weather is currently taking place on your route or near your route (depending on station’s position). Live weather info which you can compare with your forecasting result. Knowing the true facts you are fully aware to decide weather it’s safe to sail or not.

Let me show you exactly how Marineforecaster’s Live Station works

Here’s what you’ll discover when you download the app today:

  • Make sure you have an internet connection before you start station search. Open the map and check the stations that appear in your area of interest.
  • Clicking on the station displays the name of the station, and to the right of the button (i) – Click on it to get the current information. If a station does not transmit data, the Not Available Data (N/A) will be displayed in the data location and is not a malfunction of the application but a lack of recent data on the station you selected.
  • US & Greek users to use the NOAA USA Agency and the National Observatory of Athens stations, which are provided by these institutes for free.
NOAA Live Station

Our Sailing weather forecast and our Contour maps for the whole world we give it to you for free with Marineforecaster App.
No there is no catch. We are passionate about boating safety – Your Safety!!!
We use ads to pay the monthly costs but mostly we pay most of the bills by our own, since this is a hobby and hobbies are usually creating expenses for keeping them alive.

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Grab your copy of Marineforecaster Weather App on Google Play or Apple Store now!

So if you want to sail with confidence, knowing that you can learn in real time about the current weather conditions of your sailing root, then just click our official web site and choose the appropriate button of Play Store’s to download and use it. And of course, when you download your copy of Marineforecaster Weather App you don’t risk a cent.

Share this important live-saving info about Live Weather Stations with other users and check the rest of our futures. Download your copy now, and if you are facing any kind of difficulties, just send me or my team an email and we’ll be glad to help you personally, as we already do so with all our users from the very beginning.

Sail Safe!