How Accurate is your Weather?

How Accurate is your Weather?

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How accurate is your weather?

Marineforecaster’s Weather Forecast

We get our weather data from World Weather Online.
W.W.O. generate its own weather forecast and do not rely on a third party for weather data. W.W.O’s data comes from a range of sources, which include:

  1. ECMWF atmospheric model output
  2. World Meteorological Organization
  3. GTS land
  4. Ship and data buoy observations
  5. Global weather satellite imagery from both polar orbiting and geostationary satellites
  6. NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS) atmospheric mode output &
  7. Japan Meteorological Agency atmospheric model for northern Asia.

These data sources allow Marineforecaster application to provide weather for around the world. The data for the whole of Europe comes from NCEP and World Meteorological Organization.
The W.W.O. consistently delivers accurate forecasts by running various atmospheric and oceanographic models. From there, the output collected is reviewed by other experienced meteorologists to ensure the resulting information is correct.

With the last upgrade, beside the Weather Forecast, Marineforecaster offers to our users for free of charge, Live Weather Data from over 25000 weather stations, like NOAA, Greek Observatory of Greece and Weather Underground.

You can now get up to date information about the current weather conditions anywhere in the world and plan your route with safety.

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