Editors Digest Feb 2019

Hello dear friends and users of Marineforecaster. The January Newsletter along with that of February 2019. As we mention when you sign up, we do not have the intention of breaking down your emails and tiring you with daily email output.

However, we want to give you real news and articles that are topical, informative and easy reading.

2019 began with a lot of turmoil in the climatic conditions around the World. In recent days we have seen in the United States a severe polar vortex causing extremely cold temperatures (-55 degrees Celsius) that froze everything including people and animals causing loss of life to those exposed to these extreme conditions.
The warmer the Arctic becomes the more Jetstream will weaken, as the Jetstream acts as a natural boundary between cold polar temperatures and the warmer air masses in southerly climes the greater the imbalance will become as we reach a tipping point in Global Warming, with major impact on all concerned. At the opposite of the extreme weather picture we have Australia suffering temperatures of +55 C.

Unfortunately, the phenomenon of Global Warming by human interventions has created extreme weather phenomena such as the creation of 4+ hurricanes, behind one another, leaving behind large-scale catastrophes, both in human lives lost and also creating problems for the economies of the nations that are at the heart of these events.
The phenomena are not local, and in countries like my own, Greece, which has a mild Mediterranean climate, we are currently experiencing anticyclone and extreme weather phenomena at a frequency of phenomenon and impact not previously known in our empirical data.

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Our commitment to weather forecasts at sea has made us very sensitive to anything that affects the weather and the safety of those who navigate the sea or engage in water sports.
“Weather forecasting always runs the risk of getting it wrong as previous successful forecasts are not 100% guaranteed to predict what is yet to come.”
So, we have to be careful about how we assess a weather forecast and how we share the information.
Because we at Marineforecaster are passionate about safe navigation and because safety first always comes first, we have created an additional parameter to enable us to see if the forecast goes hand in hand with reality. We have added the live weather stations around the world so that we can cross reference the forecast data with those stations already being used by Marineforecaster.

So, for example, as a user of the Marineforecaster app if the forecast gives me a ‘2’ level of intensity whilst I get ‘9’ Beaufort data from the corresponding station in the cruise area, of course I will postpone the departure.

We have written many articles on safety and the need to learn correctly how to operate sail boats and cruisers et al, acquire knowledge from experienced and acclaimed captains, attend a sailing school, or become a part of a community that will help us and teach us the right way things are done. All articles are available on the web site.
We have a duty to our families and to ourselves to return safely after every excursion.
Once you know the basics you will learn from your own mistakes making you a better sailor based on experience, people who don’t learn and improve and take foolish risks for example become a pariah putting the lives and pleasure of other people at risk.

‘The smart man learns from his own mistakes whilst the genius also learns from the mistakes of others …’

We wish you all a Good month!

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Sail Safe!