Did you Know That Santa Claus was also Known as St Nicholas?

Did you Know That Santa Claus was also Known as St Nicholas?

December 19, 2018 sailing Sailing news 0

Santa Claus is the guy who travels the globe at warp speed on Christmas Eve delivering gifts to all children who have been good throughout the year. He has been known to deliver sail boats to grown ups too, not bad for a guy on a sled pulled by reindeers !

Santa Claus, the name, has evolved over many years with Claus being a derivative of Nicholas, and Santa being Saint, names across Europe vary in spelling and local pronunciation.

Saint Nicholas is thought to have been born in the 3rd century and is famous for giving. During his life as monk he gave to the poor and was especially kind to children and the down trodden and sick.

St Nicholas is said to have saved three poor sisters from being sold into slavery or prostitution by their father by providing them with a dowry so that they could be married – without a dowry there was no prospect of them marrying and he would not be able or willing to support them indefinitely.

Over the course of many years, St Nicholas’s became known as the protector of children and of sailors. Sailing and Boats have a long history that includes Saints who have become revered by those who go to sea. St Elmo, or Erasmus of Formia, martyred in the 4th century is the Patron Saint of Sailors.

Saint Elmo’s fire firstly is not fire but is something that has appeared on ships during thunder storms, scary stuff, and was held by sea going folks as a religious manifestation bearing good fortune – being the presence of St Elmo amongst them.St Brendan, however, is the Patron Saint of Boats, travelers and older adventurers. The fifth century monk was known as the Navigator, the Voyager, and the Bold. It is believed that St Brendan may have discovered North America before the Vikings.

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Modern day adventurer Tim Severin crossed the North Atlantic in boat believed to be identical to the ones used in St Brendan’s time – c 6th Century – proving that St Brendan could have made the same journey a thousand years before Columbus. 

Bearing in mind the distance and the type of craft used this was an enormous leap of faith as St Brendan could have had no idea what lay ahead. Every one of us who sets sail does so in the footsteps of visionary people who showed us the way whilst seeking food or somewhere to plant their seeds, or simply because they had salt water in their veins and a desire to see what lay beyond the horizon – something that we can all comprehend.

Modern day sailors have the advantage of empirical knowledge and the power of the technical advances that have revolutionized the business of going to sea in boats, and ships.

Where ever you sail and whatever your purpose, sail safe and take good care.

Happy Christmas to all, we hope Santa Claus can get a sail boat down your chimney in one piece, and we hope and pray for a Peaceful 2019.

Happy New Year.

Greetings and good wishes to all of our friend of different beliefs, we send a message of Peace and Friendship to all.