Cruising is Cool

Cruising is Cool

June 15, 2019 Sailing news 0

Sail power is great, many of our members are ardent sail boat enthusiasts, however, powered boat cruising takes a lot of beating. Regardless of whether you are landlocked – sailing lakes and rivers – or situated close to coastal waters there are many opportunities for fun and adventure aboard a powered boat.

It is worth pointing out that there are some fabulous Worldwide boat hire companies that will rent out a cruise boat and advise on where to travel for the best views, local fishing, harbours and marinas etc to enable you and your friends to enjoy the most relaxing vacations imaginable. Some places have crewed boats for those people who just want to sit back and take it all in. Make no mistake there is a great deal of skill required to manoeuvring and operating a powered boat, and the feeling of skippering such a boat is superb. Professional courses for Helmsman, Coastal Cruising, Piloting and Navigation skills are strongly recommended. All boating is safer and more enjoyable for knowing what you are doing and doing it correctly.

Boats come in all sizes from Motor Yachts to Sports Cruisers, Cabin Cruisers to Converted Trawlers and other ex-working boats. For many of us a simple power boat or launch will suffice enabling the owners to operate in coastal areas and partake in some water sport or simply enjoy the wind in your face, and you don’t need the wind on your back as power boats have the edge in terms of motive power, the power units in many boats are outboard and as the boats get larger – and more expensive – inboard.

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Costs are as always a concern, buying new gets you a mint condition boat that should be in perfect order and with every mod con, buying a pre-owned boat can be a lot less expensive but can also be a mess of pottage – seemingly sound value but of little real value, and that means that in the long run it could cost you a lot of money keeping it afloat and in good order. For many folks a pre-owned boat is cool in getting us on the water whilst we work up to a higher level over time.

Members looking at buying are recommended to talk with the people who already have a similar boat, friends, Sailing Club or Marina members, hire a boat or two for a sailing week-end and get experience of what these boats are capable of, visit a Boat Show or two and ask for as much information as you can glean and read the top quality boating press – there are outstanding special interest magazines in the shops and on line that know their stuff and offer excellent information for the price of a subscription.

Word of warning, before you splash the cash to buy your dream boat, do your homework- thoroughly.

Sail safe and enjoy.