Predict thе Weather Aѕ Wеll аѕ thе Guy оn TV

Thе weather resources оn thе Internet аrе mаnу аnd varied. Thеу range frоm highly sophisticated dedicated sites tо national newsfeeds thаt produce fаіrlу comprehensive weather reports, tо regional news organizations thаt feature weather аѕ part оf thеіr online news service. Thеѕе саn bе frоm TV аnd radio stations оr local newspapers. In addition, thе major search engines hаvе а weather feature thаt аllоwѕ уоu tо consult fоr forecasts іn уоur local area.

In аll cases, however, thеіr weather information іѕ gathered principally frоm national sources – іn аlmоѕt аll cases, thе National Oceanographic аnd Atmospheric Administration, оr NOAA. We’re gоіng tо review hеrе thе principal dedicated weather sites online, аnd give а quick critique tо whаt thе search engines аnd national news sites provide.

Pеrhарѕ thе bеѕt knоwn dedicated commercial weather site іѕ weather. com, а spin-off оf thе cable television network Thе Weather Channel. Thіѕ website аllоwѕ уоu tо punch іn уоur zip code fоr local weather, оr а city/town nаmе fоr ѕоmе оthеr location. Thе site wіll give уоu temperature readings, wind chill аnd precipitation forecasts. It wіll provide forecasts оn аn hour-by-hour basis, fоr thе weekend, аnd wіll peer іntо thе future wіth а ten-day forecast оn оnе page. Graphics include satellite photos аnd Doppler radar representations оf storm movements.

Muсh оf thіѕ information іѕ gathered frоm thе NOAA’s National Weather Service website. Hеrе уоu wіll find “official” U.S. weather, marine, fire аnd aviation forecasts, warnings, climate forecasts аnd information аbоut meteorology . Thе NOAA hаѕ а massive network оf weather stations nationwide, providing readouts fоr highly localized areas. It’s аlѕо user friendly, wіth а wealth оf visual information рrоvіdеd bу satellites аnd оthеr graphics tools. Thеrе іѕ а vast amount оf marine weather data аvаіlаblе hеrе аѕ well.

Thе Weather Underground іѕ а spin-off оf thе University оf Michigan’s weather website. Weather Underground іѕ а commercial site peppered wіth advertising thаt presents іtѕ forecasts based оn zip code, city, оr оn а clickable U.S. map. It аlѕо hаѕ international forecasts – click bу country – аnd а comprehensive list оf maps оn іtѕ home page thаt show national trends fоr ѕuсh factors аѕ temperature, wind, visibility, precipitation, snow depth, etc. Register

Thе University оf Michigan аt Ann Arbor’s weather lab іѕ аmоng thе pioneers оf online weather products. Currently, thеу maintain а quality national weather forecast site – but реrhарѕ thеіr mоѕt valuable resource fоr weather addicts іѕ thеіr list оf 300 links tо weather related sites.

Intellicast іѕ аn advertiser supported national site thаt wіll аlѕо email уоu уоur daily forecast. Thеіr site offers а clickable map аnd thе usual categories оf satellite аnd long range forecasts. weather. org іѕ аnоthеr оf thе lesser national websites thаt іѕ exclusively fоr weather. Thеіr site hаѕ аn interesting map оf worldwide conditions thаt іѕ constantly changing аѕ thе center оf thеіr homepage. Alоng wіth thе usual localized аnd national weather feeds, thе site offers weathercams, tides аnd currents, аnd commentary frоm thе Farmers Almanac.

Othеr dedicated locations include AccuWeather. соm аnd Weatherbug. com. Weatherbug offers downloadable software thаt рrоvіdеѕ уоur local weather forecast аnd weather report. Yahoo аnd Google bоth provide weather forecast features, аѕ dо thе national news feeds. CNN. соm wіll provide international weather news аnd fіvе day forecasts bу location. USA Today hаѕ global forecasts аnd information оn meteorological topics ѕuсh аѕ global warming .

Finally, Unisys hаѕ chosen tо showcase іtѕ Weather Processor analysis software package bу building а website fоr global weather information. Nоt ѕоmеthіng you’d expect јuѕt lооkіng аt thеіr main homepage. Apparently еvеn people whо dо tech consulting аnd enterprise servers nееd tо knоw іf it’s gоіng tо rain.

The app Marineforecaster® is the ultimate tool for Marine Weather Forecast. If you regularly travel by boat or engaged in the sea and sea sports, definitely you want to have all essential information about prognosis and conditions in your area of interest. Application Marineforecaster® covers all sea areas of the sector.

Live weather knowledge from over 2000 stations across the world from NOAA marine weather forecast and NOA of Greece.

Use the Maps option and check Specific Depths Worldwide – Useful info for Ports, Marinas, etc

If you want to sail with confidence, knowing that you could research in real time about the current nearshore marine forecast conditions of your sailing root, then just click our official web site and choose the appropriate button of Play Store’s to download and use it. And of course, when you download your copy of Marineforecaster Weather App you don’t danger a cent.

Share this important live-saving info about Live Weather Stations with other users and check the rest of our futures.

Grab your copy of Marineforecaster Weather App on Google Play or Apple Store now!

Time and Tide Wait for no Man (or Woman)!

There is a lot of truth in the old adage for boating people especially. But, what is the tide and what does it mean to you?

Experienced boaters and commercial mariners know how to work with the tides, newbie boaters and inexperienced sailors are advised to attend an approved training course to receive guidance about tides and learn the basics before setting sail.

Tides are a natural global phenomenon that occurs with predictable regularity across the world. The gravitational pull of the Moon as the world rotates causes the oceans to lift skyward and as the clock ticks that lift is released causing water levels to drop back down causing a surge that in turn gives the rise of the tides. As the Lunar pull is exerted the tides go out – an ebb tide, as the Lunar pull is released we get a flood tide.

Marineforecaster’s Tide Data- Weather Option


Tides, then, are very long-period waves that move through the oceans in response to the forces exerted by the moon, the sun, and the rotation of Earth . Tides originate in the oceans and affect the coastlines where they appear as the regular rise and fall of the sea level.


Low tide corresponds to the lowest part of the wave, or its trough. The difference in height between the high tide and the low tide is called the tidal range.



Interesting facts:


The Canadian Bay of Fundy has the highest tides along with Anchorage Alaska with waves of 40 feet in height – over 12 metres!

Southampton United Kingdome has double tides each day as water rushes from the North Sea around the Isle of Wight and back toward the Atlantic Ocean, making it a superb natural sea port.

The full and new moons normally create better fishing conditions because of the spring tides. The reason is that fish are easier to catch when they are feeding and  the tide and currents dictate this condition.

Because the Earth rotates through two tidal “bulges” every lunar day, coastal areas experience two high and two low tides every 24 hours and 50 minutes. High tides occur 12 hours and 25 minutes apart.

While tides are usually the largest source of short-term sea-level fluctuations, sea levels are also subject to forces such as wind and barometric pressure changes, resulting in storm surges, especially in shallow seas and near coasts.

So, why are tides so important to boating folks?

Consider that at low tide water may be abscent from the Marina basin, not a good time to sail!

Whereas at high tide and water flooding into the moorings it is possible to sail.

By knowing when the tide is coming in it is possible to plan your trip, and this applies to sailing anywhere in the world.

There are places in the world where incoming tides move with lethal speed, Morecambe Bay in England for instance where the incoming tide will outrun a man – many people have drowned (historically) by not respecting the power of the tides, don’t be one of them!

Always check the tides before doing anything else, talk to experienced boaters in your Marina or Club house about local tidal conditions – sand banks and obstacles that will be uncovered by a receding tide, look at the experienced hands if they are sailing it should be safe for you too, follow the basics as taught on professionally run courses.

Never take risks, safety always come first.

Sail safe, sail free.



Author : Roger Langley

Wind Fills Sails but…

People often use the old saying, ‘Knowing which way the wind is blowing’ but in fact this is vital information and may not always be as it would seem.

Winds are designated based on from where they originate, a wind blowing from the sea in the direction of the shore is an on-shore wind, conversely a wind blowing off shore – out to sea is an offshore wind, clearly the force of the wind is also a key factor.


Good, knowing the difference is a good start especially for new and inexperienced boaters.

However, reading the signs helps sailboat skippers cope with heading out to sea or returning to shore and combined with tidal information is essential knowledge. Keeping a weather-eye means checking for changes in the wind because it can veer away from its original direction and sneak up from somewhere else – what starts as an on-shore wind can swing (veer) around and become an off-shore wind making sailing back to the Marina more challenging for new boaters, the stronger (or stiffer) the wind the tougher the challenge.

It is worth mentioning that topographical variations affect the wind also, inland waters, lakes, inland seas and upper reaches of rivers and basins etc are affected by winds making inland sailing challenging and sometimes much worse, always check with the experts on land at the sailing club or marina for expected wind/weather conditions before setting out. As discussed previously wind can herald the onset of other weather conditions such as rain, plus turbulence.

Similarly wind along the shore-line can be affected by the prevailing land heights, when we walk along a cliff top the wind may be strong but when we are in the lea of the cliff – at the bottom – we are sheltered from it, the same applies to boaters at sea level.

Thereby hangs a serious point, winds can quickly affect body temperature, even on a sunny day a stiff breeze can reduce core body temperature causing hypothermia, it makes sense to wear – or have with you – warm clothing for just such an occasion. The same information is universal, where ever people sail the same wind information and concerns apply, and because boaters are used to sailing in warm waters it doesn’t mean that basic rules do not have to be observed. Certainly in hot countries the risk of sun stroke or heat stroke are probably greater but serious boaters will always err on the side of caution, always hope for the best but plan for the worst, even three kilometres out at sea is a long way if someone succumbs.

cautions-in-hypothermia-first-aidHypothermia takes about 30 minutes to set in for an adult – less for a child or smaller person. Water conducts heat/cold 25 times faster than air making body heat loss far quicker for someone in the water. Hyporthermia can take between an hour and two hours to kill someone. Clearly in the extreme North and Southern hemispheres water temperatures will be much lower and cold shock will make loss of life far quicker.

Serious boaters should undertake First Aid training to ascertain what must be done in such circumstances. Time is of the essence.

Sailing and boating are about having a great time on the water. Accidents often occur because people either don’t know the basics or choose to ignore them often endangering other people who then have to mount a rescue. Accident prevention does make perfect sense.

All boaters, sail or motorised, are advised to attend a professionally run course of training and then follow the rules.

Love sailing and enjoy.




Author : Roger Langley

Editors Digest Feb 2019

Hello dear friends and users of Marineforecaster. The January Newsletter along with that of February 2019. As we mention when you sign up, we do not have the intention of breaking down your emails and tiring you with daily email output.

However, we want to give you real news and articles that are topical, informative and easy reading.

2019 began with a lot of turmoil in the climatic conditions around the World. In recent days we have seen in the United States a severe polar vortex causing extremely cold temperatures (-55 degrees Celsius) that froze everything including people and animals causing loss of life to those exposed to these extreme conditions.
The warmer the Arctic becomes the more Jetstream will weaken, as the Jetstream acts as a natural boundary between cold polar temperatures and the warmer air masses in southerly climes the greater the imbalance will become as we reach a tipping point in Global Warming, with major impact on all concerned. At the opposite of the extreme weather picture we have Australia suffering temperatures of +55 C.

Unfortunately, the phenomenon of Global Warming by human interventions has created extreme weather phenomena such as the creation of 4+ hurricanes, behind one another, leaving behind large-scale catastrophes, both in human lives lost and also creating problems for the economies of the nations that are at the heart of these events.
The phenomena are not local, and in countries like my own, Greece, which has a mild Mediterranean climate, we are currently experiencing anticyclone and extreme weather phenomena at a frequency of phenomenon and impact not previously known in our empirical data.

Our commitment to weather forecasts at sea has made us very sensitive to anything that affects the weather and the safety of those who navigate the sea or engage in water sports.
“Weather forecasting always runs the risk of getting it wrong as previous successful forecasts are not 100% guaranteed to predict what is yet to come.”
So, we have to be careful about how we assess a weather forecast and how we share the information.
Because we at Marineforecaster are passionate about safe navigation and because safety first always comes first, we have created an additional parameter to enable us to see if the forecast goes hand in hand with reality. We have added the live weather stations around the world so that we can cross reference the forecast data with those stations already being used by Marineforecaster.

So, for example, as a user of the Marineforecaster app if the forecast gives me a ‘2’ level of intensity whilst I get ‘9’ Beaufort data from the corresponding station in the cruise area, of course I will postpone the departure.

We have written many articles on safety and the need to learn correctly how to operate sail boats and cruisers et al, acquire knowledge from experienced and acclaimed captains, attend a sailing school, or become a part of a community that will help us and teach us the right way things are done. All articles are available on the web site.
We have a duty to our families and to ourselves to return safely after every excursion.
Once you know the basics you will learn from your own mistakes making you a better sailor based on experience, people who don’t learn and improve and take foolish risks for example become a pariah putting the lives and pleasure of other people at risk.

‘The smart man learns from his own mistakes whilst the genius also learns from the mistakes of others …’

We wish you all a Good month!

Sail Safe!

Back to Normal

Good News Marineforecaster Users…..

Marine Forecaster is back to normal. Weather forecast & Registration is working again fine!
If you haven’t registered for the Bathymetry Maps, it is time to check what you are missing…..
We are also taking time to manually verify older registrations efforts that to date have failed.

If you are one of those users, please give us some more time to deal with the problem – it will not take long. There are thousands of emails in the data base…. OR you can use another email to register and verify it automatically this time!

Please check your email details before submitting your credentials. Many emails come with a lot of spelling mistakes like @gmail.c8m or or or … you get the point, right? Unfortunately, our system is kept simple and doesn’t do any checks on your typing while you are filling in the form, so the only way we notice it is when our confirmation email returns with the mark….”mailbox unavailable“!

We are happy you are using Marineforecaster. Thank you.

We are also fixing our Push Notification server, so we can notify you of upcoming bad weather.

Bear in mind that our app is free and funded through personal work and investment. We allow one Google ad every six hours and that is the only advertisement our users will see for the next 6 hours.
Marine Forecaster weather application has thousands of Live Weather Stations available for you from all over the world.
Plus, charts with specific depths for the whole world.
And, we have information for Marinas, Ports, Ramps, etc for the whole world!
Marine Forecaster has useful links in Services options for USA and Greece (up today) for boat repairs, fishing equipment, etc.

We are not asking you in any way to pay anything for all that information. We only need a good comment and a good review in play stores. Also, any suggestions are most welcomed. We are not promising we will do it tomorrow, but we will try to add your suggestion if it is workable to our menu options!

Thank you for reading it and for using our app. It makes us proud knowing that we are useful to the community!
Marine Forecaster passionate about boating safety.


PS for the Page Administrators: Because we need to tell our users the good news as soon as possible, our current post is posted through our automatic posting system. We kindly request the page administrators to delete any double post that may appear by mistake. Thank you very much for granting us your space for our announcement. 

Time for a Change of Thinking About the Planet

Since the earliest days of man’s love affair with the Oceans, they have been seen as infinite, God-like in power, endless and bottomless. As with people living close to the land, there are peoples who live as one with the Oceanic environment, they may understand little of its complexity in a technical sense and yet have a deep understanding that to live on the sea or the land it is necessary to care for it and protect it and be a part of it.

True fishing people will take enough fish for their needs and avoid over-fishing. Many of those who earn their living fishing the seas of the world using nets will size the nets and fish the shoals carefully leaving undersized fish to live another day to breed and provide food for tomorrow. So how crazy is it to rape the oceans with fishing nets so large, and with mesh so small, and trawling techniques that destroy the habitat so utterly that following their passing nothing is left but an oceanic wilderness devoid of life?

Surely it is time for change?

Change in the mentality that says the Oceans, Forests and Rivers – indeed the Planet – is infinite and indestructible, because it is not!

As young man indirectly involved with the Ship Building Industry in the North East of England I was advised that should any item of ‘plant’ on board ship break down it would be thrown over the side of the ship rather than be carried back to port for repair. In times of war and in peacetime endless numbers of ships and cargos have been lost at sea.

The Oceans are infinite…but are they?

When a container recently washed up on Moreton Island in the Pacific Ocean having ‘fallen overboard’ from a container ship the point was well made that the Oceans are being taken for granted.

Agia Zoni II Shipwreck-Image from

In recent times an oil spill occurred off the coast of Greece, in September 2017 the vessel, Agia Zoni II, was carrying 2,500 tonnes of fuel when it sank off the island of Salamis, massive efforts were undertaken to remove oil contamination from the surface of the sea and from the shore where it could be accessed. The local fishing fleet may be able to fish elsewhere until there is little chance of contamination and that could take a very long time, meanwhile, their livelihood is destroyed, the food chain is jeopardised, and the unspoiled pristine coast despoiled. Watching the weather to establish when it is best to go fishing is accepted the practice, but ocean currents circulate out of sight, corruption of fish stocks and bottom feeding crustaceans may not be evident in the short term but as with plastic microbeads, it can be present in the human food chain hidden in plain sight for a considerable time.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster has now contaminated one-third of the World’s Oceans with catastrophic damage to Sea Life, mutated dolphins for example, as far away as the California Coast with many sea-based animals being badly affected.

Can anyone be in any doubt any longer that the Oceans can be turned into lifeless watery wastelands?

When will we learn?

How much proof do we need?

Much is said presently about getting plastic and its consequential waste out of the equation but is it not the time to reverse thinking about this. Ceasing production of some plastics means they cannot enter the oceans sometime in the future, but what about the pollution that is already there? Trillions of items of plastic are littering all the major Oceans – plastic carrier bags were recently said to be present in the Antarctic Ocean. There are companies that will recycle plastics into useful items, why not employ them to redouble their efforts – if there are Dollars to be made someone will go out with a salvage ship and start collecting the stuff.

For me, though the key is to declare a moratorium on dumping anything into the oceans. There will always be rogue nations who, as with the whaling bans, will carry on regardless but maybe the imposition of sanctions will bring them to heal.

Then being creative about salvaging and recycling the fishing nets, the plastic sheeting and bags, and all the other plastic detritus from the oceans would surely help, but the task is massive.
Finally, serious acceptance and pro-active action by the Global community that fresh thinking is needed about respecting the natural balance of nature on our planet. The Aral Sea in Central Asia is a perfect example of man’s interfering with a seemingly infinite resource, the Aral is a fraction of its former size and no longer functions as an inland sea with the consequential ruin of local people’s lifestyle.

The Oceans are infinite as are the Rain Forests and the mighty rivers and inland seas, is it not time to accept that they must be saved from ruin before we find that their loss is disastrous and irreversible?


Brought to you by Marineforecaster Application .

Author: Roger J Langley Sierra Projects

Marineforecaster App – Your Mobile Weather Station

Brand New Update for the Free App Marine Forecaster.

The free application Marineforecaster, with the recent update, has new features for the iOs on iPhone & iPad devices as well. The last option in the application menu is a help( info) file, which contains all the details of using the application and its functions. Still you will find short videos showing the use of each option. Use it whenever there is a question about its use and of course we are at your disposal for any clarification or information you may need, via email or through the messenger on Facebook.

What’s new:

  1. New User Interface (UI)
  2. Animated graphics for the weather
  3. Select metric units in meters, feet, nautical miles, m/s, kts and more. The option is available in addition to weather forecasting and with live weather data from NOAA, National Observatory of Athens and Weather Underground stations.
  4. Bathymetry maps (charts of contours) with a choice of meters and feet for the whole world, with specific depths as requested by our users, mainly for fishing! The “Maps” option is activated when the user sign up. Please fill in your emails correctly as daily through users on android we receive dozens of wrong emails with errors such as – etc, because of hurry, they are not filled properly and of course they will never be confirmed by the automatic confirmation system of the app. All email providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, private label, and others are accepted by the confirmation system.
  5. New data has been added to the Marine, Ports, Boat Ramps, etc. The imaging mode is done through Maps, and since we have initially saved a point of interest, otherwise it will not appear on the screen of your device.
  6. Because No weather forecast service, based on existing weather models, has the ability to accurately predict the weather every and each time (accuracy different from period to period and from model to model from 80% to 95% accuracy), we have created the Live Weather option where our user, beyond the forecast for the area of ​​interest, can actually get data on existing conditions from stations located in his route and so cross proof the data and plan safely his trip. In addition to Weather Underground stations, where there are restrictions on using 2 stations per user every 6 hours, the National Observatory of Athens and NOAA are free to get data from stations that you may need.

If the app seems useful to you, our only reward is a positive evaluation and some good words in the respective Play Stores. If there is something else that you want help with or you can not solve yourself, we would suggest that you first contact us and give us the opportunity to check it it together before you post any negative review.

Thank you for using Marineforecaster. We are open to suggestions that could improve the application with new options!

Fair Winds and Following Seas!

Marineforecaster App – Your Mobile Weather Station

SPC Oct 8, 2017 0600 UTC Day 1 Convective Outlook

SPC 1200Z Day 1 Outlook

Day 1 Outlook Image

Day 1 Convective Outlook  
NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
1246 AM CDT Sun Oct 08 2017

Valid 081200Z - 091200Z



Several brief tornadoes will be possible today in an area from the
western Florida Panhandle northward into the western Carolinas.

...AL and FL Panhandle into the western Carolinas...
Tropical Cyclone Nate will move north-northeastward from the central
Gulf Coastal Plain into the southern Appalachians during the period
(please refer to NHC for the latest information).  Late Saturday
evening surface analysis showed very rich moisture (76 degree F
isodrosotherm) extending from Nate's center east-northeastward
across southern AL into south-central GA and the SC coastal plain. 
As the pressure gradient strengthens, a concurrent intensification
of southeasterly low-level winds across the AL to SC corridor will
advect middle 70s dewpoints into the I-85 corridor.  It remains
unclear where 1 or more bands of deeper convection/thunderstorms
will develop within the northeast quadrant, but some diurnal
destabilization coupled with rich low-level moisture will result in
weak buoyancy (200-600 J/kg MLCAPE).  Enlarged hodographs will
gradually shift north-northeastward from AL/western FL Panhandle
during the morning and into east-central AL northeastward into the
western Carolinas (I-85 corridor) during the midday through the
afternoon.  Several of the stronger and more discrete updrafts
within 1 or more bands will probably develop low-level mesocyclones
and a conditional risk for brief tornadoes primarily before sunset. 
Minor wind damage due to heavier showers may perhaps occur in a few
localized areas but the overall potential for severe gusts appears
rather low---hence less than 5% wind probabilities are forecast at
this time.

..Smith/Leitman.. 10/08/2017

Read moreOriginal Article

Imported from Marineforecaster Application, your Mobile Weather Station

Counter Intuitive Thinking on Saving the Planet!

By Roger J Langley 12/8/19

There are of course arguments and counter arguments about global warming, carbon footprints and protecting the planet, but what we do not see so much is aplea to protect our environment from the human despoliation that will affect our children’s children and generations thereafter on a simply human level and an aesthetic level.

Taking the oceans for granted has been the case since Noah, as has our attitude to the resources above and beneath the ground. Past logging, clearing and be undone, and as we progress through the 21st Century those activities will inevitably continue, we all need homes, jobs, businesses and roads, etc. Nations that aspire to self sufficient will always want to produce consumer products, drive cars and their people will want wealth.

As lovers of the great outdoors, sportsmen, fathers and mothers, business people, communities, why is there a difference between the move to limit climate change and simply wanting to have a clean environment?

Most of us love clean air, some of us climb hills and mountains to breath in the pure air that is less available in cities and towns, visions of India and China come to mind with people in the streets of their cities wearing face masks because of toxic pollution! Some of us head for the open sea for the same delight in pure nature, others roam mountain trails, hike, go camping backwoods etc, because many of us, we believe most of us, love the great unspoiled outdoors with all that it has to offer.

Ever been to a seafood restaurant, a steak house, a vegan restaurant? How do you like your food, fresh, pure, and wholesome? Or riddled with micro plastics, tainted with nuclear waste, produced from ‘oil bearing plants’ that have replaced virgin forest?

Do you love watching on television showing intriguing visions of the vast complexity of life in nature? We do! Is it not counter intuitive to want these things – especially for our children and their children et al – and yet not take intelligent steps to protect them?

By all means question the concept of global warming if that is your belief, but who in their right mind ‘dumps’ in their own back yard? We believe that most people protect their own environment, try to feed their children with nourishing food and clean water, and desire to look upon the wonders of the world without having wear a face mask or goggles.

Each one of us can do a great deal to help, put our garbage in a bin for removal, stop wasting energy, buy local produce, recycle to avoid waste, shop wise, think clean environment and work to greening the landscape.

Do you know how long it takes to grow a tree to full size – generations, how long it takes to fell the same tree – minutes! How long does it take to plant a tree in the garden at home, in a park or forest?

A. Ten minutes!

If everyone planted a single tree in 2020 that would be billions of new carbon capturing trees worldwide that would rebuild the lungs of our worldCounter intuitive?

Forget global warming if you must but plant that tree, swim in clear water, drink from clean rivers and reservoirs, sail pristine seas, fish for unpolluted fish, for the love of nature take action now!

New! 2019 Version of Marineforecaster Application is now live.

We are proud to announce that the very latest edition of the Free Global Weather app by Marineforecaster for seagoing enthusiasts has just been uploaded to Google Play.

The renewed version upgrade is only for Android devices available at this time. The release for iOS will be delayed for a short time as there are some code issues that need to be solved.

What’s new?

New UI design in the graphics, new menu and a different perspective of the weather so that at a glance one can understand the general weather conditions, without getting into the details unless needed by the skipper, such as intensity and direction of wind and waves, wave height and periodicity, atmospheric pressures and other important data necessary for safe sailing or boating.

Every moon phases have also been upgraded to provide a more accurate outlook and true fidelity.

We need to point you out, to our Live weather data availability. Live weather stations are at your disposal to receive real-time data from stations close to your desired route and users can be sure of the prevailing conditions rather than just using forecasting data for their escapes, either they are planning a short trip to fishing or longer boat trips. *** For the time being some NOAA Stations for the USA area report data from other nearby buoys. This is a data base error we are about to fix the next days. Sorry for any inconvenience!

We hope that the free contour maps (Bathymetry maps) that we exclusively created for all of our users worldwide are proving useful in helping users in making their fishing more efficient as it depicts specific depths below the keel for shallow and for deeper fishing.

All constructive input by users is welcomed as it helps become better at what we do. We are passionate about making boating for all pursuits as safe as is possible. Also, your positive vote on the Play Store is necessary to help us make further advances.

Thank you to all who support us with your advice and positive input. After all, in five years, we have gained more than 200,000 users in 145 countries and with your own advice we have improved implementation. Please, go to the information home page here to read more details or download the app from the Play Store from here!

If you would like to contact us, please email Andreas at:

Please, note, there is a common bug that some email addresses are automatically not accepted from by servers. In that case please contact us and we will do it manually. Please, allow us 12-24 hours to reply.

Thank you very much for your support.

Sail safe!