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Sailing Close to the Wind

  As is often the case sailing close to the wind has its origins in sailing, in general life it means taking a risk, cutting it fine, and for experienced sailing skippers that is what life is about, the adrenaline rush, challenging yourself against the elements, enjoying the rush, literally. Sailing close to the wind…
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October 30, 2018 0

What is the Point of a Compass?

A magnetic compass uses the natural magnetism of the Globe upon which we all stand. Planet Earth has a magnetic field – North is north, and South is south. The pointer on a magnetic compass will always point Northward, once we know where North is, a fixed reference point, and we know that a circle…
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October 28, 2018 0

Time and Tide Wait for no Man (or Woman)!

There is a lot of truth in the old adage for boating people especially. But, what is the tide and what does it mean to you? Experienced boaters and commercial mariners know how to work with the tides, newbie boaters and inexperienced sailors are advised to attend an approved training course to receive guidance about…
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October 13, 2018 0

Wind Fills Sails but…

People often use the old saying, ‘Knowing which way the wind is blowing’ but in fact this is vital information and may not always be as it would seem. Winds are designated based on from where they originate, a wind blowing from the sea in the direction of the shore is an on-shore wind, conversely…
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October 8, 2018 0

Some Weather Terms That Boaters Need to Know

What is a Cyclone? This is a meteorological phenomenon in which a large mass of air rotates around a centre of low atmospheric pressure and they are characterized by spiraling winds rotating about a zone of low pressure. The largest low-pressure systems are polar vortices and extra tropical cyclones. Tropical cyclones cause numerous thunderstorms, exceptionally…
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September 25, 2018 0

Marineforecaster August Newsletter – What Price Safety at Sea?

Marineforecaster’s Newsletter, August 2018 – What Price Safety at Sea? The Free to User Global Weather App with Bathymetric Charts. Display problems? Open this email in your web browser. Marineforecaster’s August Newsletter 32 Phases of the Moon in the New Update In 2010, the in.gr news blog site from Greece, published an article about the…
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August 5, 2018 0

Back to Normal

Good News Marineforecaster Users….. Marine Forecaster is back to normal. Weather forecast & Registration is working again fine! If you haven’t registered for the Bathymetry Maps, it is time to check what you are missing….. We are also taking time to manually verify older registrations efforts that to date have failed. If you are one…
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July 18, 2018 0

Apology Statement

Dear Marine Forecaster users on Android devices,   Please, accept our apologies for the loss of Marine Forecaster free weather app services on Weather Forecasting and for our Registration process for the Bathymetry Maps. This outage is due to Google imposing new rules without warning based on their changed privacy policy that affected our registration…
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July 9, 2018 0

Subtropical Storm Alberto near 25.0N 84.2W – 447 AM EDT Sun May 27 2018

GMZ001-272100- Synopsis for the Gulf of Mexico – 447 AM EDT Sun May 27 2018 Subtropical Storm Alberto near 25.0N 84.2W 1001 mb at 5 AM EDT moving NNE at 11 kt. Maximum sustained winds 35 kt,  gusts 45 kt. Alberto will move to 26.8N 84.4W this afternoon, 28.6N 85.2W Mon morning, 30.0N 86.0W Mon afternoon,…
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May 27, 2018 0

32 Phases of the Moon in the New Update of Marineforecaster Application

In 2010, the in.gr news blog site from Greece, published an article about the studies made in the reputable Geophysical Research Letters survey, which is the biggest one, that has been made about how the moon influences weather on the earth, as it was based on thousands of official rainfall measurements go back to the…
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April 22, 2018 0

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