Predict thе Weather Aѕ Wеll аѕ thе Guy оn TV

Predict thе Weather Aѕ Wеll аѕ thе Guy оn TV

Thе weather resources оn thе Internet аrе mаnу аnd varied. Thеу range frоm highly sophisticated dedicated sites tо national newsfeeds thаt produce fаіrlу comprehensive weather reports, tо regional news organizations thаt feature weather аѕ part оf thеіr online news service. Thеѕе саn bе frоm TV аnd radio stations оr local ( more… )

Ambition, nerves, and espionage: final countdown at the Volvo Ocean Race

We go behind the scenes at the Volvo Ocean Race with Dongfeng Race Team to find how the team is preparing for the longest, furthest Volvo Ocean Race yet Sanxenxo training 2 boats testing with mapfre The first race that ‘counts’ for the Volvo Ocean Race, the Alicante in-port race, ( more… )

searay powerboat in MiamI

Everything You Need to Know About A Yacht Charter in Miami Florida

Miami and South Florida are exotic tropical destinations that are still accessible to everyone.  This sun baked land with sparkling blue waters is a paradise for those wishing to get away, and the best way to experience it is from the water. When you wish to go to an exciting ( more… )

Heavy Weather Is Dangerous If Not Taken Seriously!!!

Only the very foolish go to sea without checking the weather beforehand and acting sensibly. Wind speeds are generally acknowledged as fitting into the bands of the Beaufort Scale a universally known and often used warning. The Beaufort Scale begins at 0 which is calm, then the scale rises numerically ( more… )