Brand New Update for the Free App Marine Forecaster.

The free application Marineforecaster, with the recent update, has new features for the iOs on iPhone & iPad devices as well. The last option in the application menu is a help( info) file, which contains all the details of using the application and its functions. Still you will find short videos showing the use of each option. Use it whenever there is a question about its use and of course we are at your disposal for any clarification or information you may need, via email or through the messenger on Facebook.

What’s new:

  1. New User Interface (UI)
  2. Animated graphics for the weather
  3. Select metric units in meters, feet, nautical miles, m/s, kts and more. The option is available in addition to weather forecasting and with live weather data from NOAA, National Observatory of Athens and Weather Underground stations.
  4. Bathymetry maps (charts of contours) with a choice of meters and feet for the whole world, with specific depths as requested by our users, mainly for fishing! The “Maps” option is activated when the user sign up. Please fill in your emails correctly as daily through users on android we receive dozens of wrong emails with errors such as – etc, because of hurry, they are not filled properly and of course they will never be confirmed by the automatic confirmation system of the app. All email providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, private label, and others are accepted by the confirmation system.
  5. New data has been added to the Marine, Ports, Boat Ramps, etc. The imaging mode is done through Maps, and since we have initially saved a point of interest, otherwise it will not appear on the screen of your device.
  6. Because No weather forecast service, based on existing weather models, has the ability to accurately predict the weather every and each time (accuracy different from period to period and from model to model from 80% to 95% accuracy), we have created the Live Weather option where our user, beyond the forecast for the area of ​​interest, can actually get data on existing conditions from stations located in his route and so cross proof the data and plan safely his trip. In addition to Weather Underground stations, where there are restrictions on using 2 stations per user every 6 hours, the National Observatory of Athens and NOAA are free to get data from stations that you may need.
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If the app seems useful to you, our only reward is a positive evaluation and some good words in the respective Play Stores. If there is something else that you want help with or you can not solve yourself, we would suggest that you first contact us and give us the opportunity to check it it together before you post any negative review.

Thank you for using Marineforecaster. We are open to suggestions that could improve the application with new options!

Fair Winds and Following Seas!

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