Back to Normal

Back to Normal

July 18, 2018 sailing Sailing news Weather 0

Good News Marineforecaster Users…..

Marine Forecaster is back to normal. Weather forecast & Registration is working again fine!
If you haven’t registered for the Bathymetry Maps, it is time to check what you are missing…..
We are also taking time to manually verify older registrations efforts that to date have failed.

If you are one of those users, please give us some more time to deal with the problem – it will not take long. There are thousands of emails in the data base…. OR you can use another email to register and verify it automatically this time!

Please check your email details before submitting your credentials. Many emails come with a lot of spelling mistakes like @gmail.c8m or gmil.com or gmail.gr or … you get the point, right? Unfortunately, our system is kept simple and doesn’t do any checks on your typing while you are filling in the form, so the only way we notice it is when our confirmation email returns with the mark….”mailbox unavailable“!

We are happy you are using Marineforecaster. Thank you.

We are also fixing our Push Notification server, so we can notify you of upcoming bad weather.

Bear in mind that our app is free and funded through personal work and investment. We allow one Google ad every six hours and that is the only advertisement our users will see for the next 6 hours.
Marine Forecaster weather application has thousands of Live Weather Stations available for you from all over the world.
Plus, charts with specific depths for the whole world.
And, we have information for Marinas, Ports, Ramps, etc for the whole world!
Marine Forecaster has useful links in Services options for USA and Greece (up today) for boat repairs, fishing equipment, etc.

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We are not asking you in any way to pay anything for all that information. We only need a good comment and a good review in play stores. Also, any suggestions are most welcomed. We are not promising we will do it tomorrow, but we will try to add your suggestion if it is workable to our menu options!

Thank you for reading it and for using our app. It makes us proud knowing that we are useful to the community!
Marine Forecaster passionate about boating safety.


PS for the Page Administrators: Because we need to tell our users the good news as soon as possible, our current post is posted through our automatic posting system. We kindly request the page administrators to delete any double post that may appear by mistake. Thank you very much for granting us your space for our announcement.