Apology Statement

Apology Statement

July 9, 2018 Sailing news Weather 0

Dear Marine Forecaster users on Android devices,


Please, accept our apologies for the loss of Marine Forecaster free weather app services on Weather Forecasting and for our Registration process for the Bathymetry Maps.

This outage is due to Google imposing new rules without warning based on their changed privacy policy that affected our registration process plus our Main Weather Data Provider and the changes on their responsive api.

Whilst we concur with the need for data protection we feel that reasonable notice could have been given, it was not in this case.

Our Weather Provider has not realized the problem created on their servers and only after our comments they started dealing with the problem.

We anticipate restoring our service shortly, it requires a great deal of recoding etc, but every effort is being put into restoring our free global application service as a matter of extreme urgency.

Our apologies are sincere, we are passionate about safety and there are no circumstances in which we could have prevented this outage. Sadly, global SM players make up their own rules sometimes with devastating effects.

We are still live on iOS.


PS: We are posting with automatic posting through our main site, so if there is accidentally a double post created I kindly request from admins to delete the double post! Thank you!

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