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In simple understandable text Marineforecaster® gives 3 days per 3-hour weather forecast


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Live weather data from over 25000 stations across the globe from NOAA, NOA of Greece & WU


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Useful info for Ports, Marinas, Restaurant,  Services,  Boat Ramps


Bathymetric Maps

Check your favorite locations. Use the Maps option and check Specific Depths Worldwide


Marineforecaster Application – Your Marine Weather Forecasting App

Knowing about marine weather forecast is really important when you are travelling in yachts or if you are a part of the marine world. Whatever the experience and skills set it is important for ‘professionals’ to have up to date and reliable data weather info about incoming weather conditions, sea state (Swell & Swell direction – Wind speed and Wind Direction – Sea & Air Temperature), especially winds registering high on the Beaufort scale as a serious risk to life.

Marine Forecaster is an easy to use marine forecasting tool and with a ton of new futures, is an excellent application for sail enthusiasts. One thing about being a Marine Forecaster user is that you get all important sailing information you are seeking for at your fingertips, free of charge.

What’s new:

*New User Interface (UI)

*Animated graphics for the weather

*Select metric units in meters, feet, nautical miles, m/s, kts and more. The option is available in addition to weather forecasting and with live weather data from NOAANational Observatory of Athens and Weather Underground stations.

*Bathymetry maps (charts of contours) with a choice of meters and feet for the whole world, with specific depths as requested by our users, mainly for fishing! The “Maps” option is activated when the user sign up.

*New data has been added to the Marine, PortsBoat Ramps, etc. The imaging mode is done through Maps, and since we have initially saved a point of interest, otherwise it will not appear on the screen of your device.

Because No weather forecast servicebased on existing weather models, has the ability to accurately predict the weather every and each time (accuracy different from period to period and from model to model from 80% to 95% accuracy), we have created the Live Weather option where our user, beyond the forecast for the area of ​​interest, can actually get data on existing conditions from stations located in his route and so cross proof the data and plan safely his trip. In addition to Weather Underground stations, where there are restrictions on using 2 stations per user every 6 hours, the National Observatory of Athens and NOAA are free to get data from stations that you may need.

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