32 Phases of the Moon in the New Update of Marineforecaster Application

In 2010, the in.gr news blog site from Greece, published an article about the studies made in the reputable Geophysical Research Letters survey, which is the biggest one, that has been made about how the moon influences weather on the earth, as it was based on thousands of official rainfall measurements go back to the year 1895.

At the same time that this article was written, the Arizona State University and the US National Climate Data Center is coming up with a new study, which is derived from 11,000 stations of measurement by the US Geological Survey. Calculating the phase at which the Moon was at each measurement, they found that run-offs peak when the moon is in the first quarter between the phases of the full moon and the new moon.

To investigate whether there is a link to the rainfall, the three researchers searched for data from the American Historic Climatology Network, which has a rainfall count database at 1,200 points from 1895 to today.

As the analysis showed, rainfall actually rises a few days before the first quarter of the Moon.

Radal Serven of Arizona State University, the lead author of the study, suggests that the Moon is creating a “sphere of pressure” that affects storm systems.

The question “What if the Moon Disappeared?” is best described on this video,of what the Moon is actually offering to planet Earth.


This year the Marine Forecaster application reaches its 4th anniversary and is in popular demand amongst our many satisfied users, however they have asked us to add the moon phases onto the app allowing them to plan their fishing trips. We all know from our own experiences and from other friends who fish, that the moon also affects the habits of fish. Moonlit nights are best for intense activity amongst the fish, whilst in the morning the fish go deeper to rest.

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At last our request to the company that issues our meteorological data, our request has been granted and new astrological data has been added and will now appear on your app screen.

32 icons of the moon cycle alternate day by day in the forecast presented, by a visual representation of the phase in the specific position and for the specific date that we open the application to get a forecast.

We hope that this is very helpful when people are planning their excursion. With this addition, as well as deep-water bathymetry maps, marking of fishing spots at the touch of a button on your device and returning you to the spot with slight deviations, depending on the GPS signal quality of your device, we provide, in addition to forecasting and transmitting live weather data, from NOAA, Weather Underground or the National Observatory of Greece meteorological stations, a fully free equipped tool for your sea excursions.

We are now working on a new project. We hope you will soon be able to create your own private team through the app, where everyone in your group will be able to see the location of their friends, exchange messages and photos in their private circle, away from the attentions of unwanted friends. Positioning will help a lot in case of emergency to spot latest position of a friend on the map. The only limitation being how far boaters have moved from mobile networks because the application depends upon them for data transmission.

Both mobile versions of Android & iOs are at your disposal from this day.

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If you liked the new addition, a positive vote on the Play Stores is always welcome!

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