Month: January 2019

Shake Off those Winter Blues, it’s Time to Prepare

For those of us facing ice, snow, and all that Winter can throw at us, fear not Spring is only a few weeks away and with it the advent of the new season. The excitement is building, and the Sun is heading North again. January and February are slow months when the days seem to…
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January 30, 2019 0

Superstitious? No, but I Never Sail Wearing Different Socks

Even the most resolute pragmatists amongst us still hold onto superstitions, seven years bad luck for breaking a mirror, fingers crossed that the weather will stay decent (?), worry about seeing single magpies, lucky or is it unlucky to see black/white cats crossing your path, et al. Certain sports personalities always wear the same socks…
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January 30, 2019 0

New Version is On the Way

New version is coming soon. Stay tuned

January 6, 2019 0

Boat Shows 2019

Feb 9th – 11th, The Belgian Boat Show takes place in Gent. Many international exhibitors, skippers and crew members, showing different kinds of boats from commercial to recreation boats including accessories. Water sports activities are also shown at the exhibition. Industry experts as well as amateurs have the opportunity to gather a lot of information…
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January 5, 2019 0