Marine Weather Forecast Application – One App for All Boaters!



Prediction Accurancy

In simple understandable text Marine Forecaster gives 3 days per 3-hour weather forecast!

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Live Weather Data

Live weather data from over 2000 stations across the globe from NOAA & NOA of Greece

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Marinas, Ports, Services ...

Use the Maps option and check Specific Depths Worldwide - Useful info for Ports, Marinas, etc

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Marineforecaster Pro for IGAPP

Marineforecaster Pro is a special edition for the IGAPP Store, from the free Light version available on the market store since July 4th, 2014 and counts more than 400k users worldwide.

The Marineforecaster Pro app gives a user a 6-day, 3-hour weather forecast worldwide, with details for the watercraft user but also for those users interested in weather in their maritime area of interest (aviation).

By including details such as,

  • Direction and wind intensity
  • Wave direction
  • Height and periodicity
  • Air and water temperature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Precipitation

-as well as additional information on Tides and phases of the Moon with 32 icon projections the app has become one app for all boaters.


It also offers live weather data from the NOAA and NOAGr (National Observatory of Athens-Greece) stations, where it provides reassurance to the app users regarding their route and course, provides live weather data in addition to the forecasting model (96% accuracy in all time). The real time weather data is available to ensure the safety of the vessel and the crew.


Favourite places can be saved under the Weather option and displayed through Maps, where at least one favourite spot has to be saved for use with bathymetric maps.


By selecting Maps, the user has the exclusive ability (only through our application) to see specific depths (Bathymetric Contours) in feet and meter for the whole world. Auxiliary navigation is possible using the Naviline button if the boat's instruments are offline. This option should only be used under the responsibility of the captain of the vessel as it is not intended for the exclusive purpose of navigation. Naviline provides real time distance calculator from user's position (GPS) to target (favourite spot).

In addition, other information about ports, marinas, boat ramps, restaurants and more from around the world is displayed in the drop-down menu for Maps - Elements.


The map is capable of being loaded into our mobile cache for use, even after it is loaded and after browsing through points of interest, even if there is no internet connection. * This feature will not be available if a user restarts the mobile.


Services, includes companies in America and Greece, which can be useful for finding repairs, transportation, spare parts, etc.


With the Settings option, the user can specify the units that will display the weather forecast, live weather stations and tides information.


Info button gives the user more details about using the application. If you still have any difficulties or have questions, we are available 24/7 and would be glad to help you.



  • Accident Checks
  • Pollution Incidents
  • Theft Check USA & International
  • Salvage & Total Loss
  • NMVTIS Check 45 States
  • Boat Recalls
  • Year Validation
  • Auctioned Vessels
  • Canadian Registration if available
  • Manufacturer Data Validation
  • HIN Validation
  • USA Registration if available
  • Some Lien databases
  • Claims and State Issued HIN's
  • Canadian Theft
  • Full HIN Decoder and Boat-Value
  • Previous Boat Names
  • USA Documentation Numbers
  • Cross Check Official numbers
  • Abandonment or Misappropriation

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