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The Yachting world is bunch of people ranging from fair weather sailors who just love messing about in boats to deep sea mariners who take any weather in their stride, sometimes at great risk to themselves. Even for the die-hard sailor weather forecasts are vitally important with data about; precipitation, wind-speed and wind-chill, Beaufort scale ratings, gusts strength, barometric settings, direction finding and Marine Forecaster data that will take them home in safety.

This is no ride on the prairie, no fun issue, this is far too important. The yachting world needs access to up to the minute Marine Forecaster information, the app is a free to user app that provides global reach weather forecasting with a 3day forecast, auto refreshed every 6 hours for favourite locations, so that it is never out of date. The app provides, sea state information including: data from weather buoys, wind direction, Beaufort scale data, wind speed and sea state, swell, (American tides & Global tides yet to come) and safe havens with accurate time and distances.

Even if your anemometer is knocked out by the wind, your barometer broken and the map locker flooded, Marineforecaster the global weather station app will get you back to Chesapeake, Rhodes, Le Havre, Plymouth, or wherever your preferred safer waters are. For professionals or amateur sailing folk, fishing boats or racers, dinghy’s or ketches, see sense, sea sense, take Marineforecaster with you, it is hand held and simple to use.

Marineforecaster the global app that is the wise sailors friend.

Marineforecaster is translated in 9 international languages:

+ Ο Κινητός σας Μετεωρολογικός Σταθμός σας

+ Your Mobile Weather Station

+ مارين فوركاستر هو تطبيق لتوقعات الأحوال الجوية البحرية.

+ L’application Marineforecaster® est l’outil ultime de la prévision météo marine.

+ Marineforecaster®-Anwendung ist ein ultimatives Seewettervorhersage-Werkzeug.

+ L’app Marineforecaster è il più recente strumento di previsioni meteo marine.

+ Приложение MF® является полноценным инструментом для морского прогноза погоды.

+ Es la mejor herramienta de pronosticación meteorológica.

+ Marineforecaster® uygulaması, güncel hava tahmin aracıdır.


Your attention, please!


For your information we need to point out two new specific technical directions to make the application easier to use:

The application Marine Forecaster was created by people of the sea for people of the sea. From the beginning the idea, when the need was identified to build such an application, was to make it a simple and easily understandable application, in plain text, avoiding the colour tables used extensively in meteorology and weather maps. The two additional instructions will help you use the two main functions of Marine Forecaster with greater ease.


By selecting your point of interest for your forecasting needs (Find Location), you have the following options:
1. Either, to enlarge the map quickly by tapping the surface of your device, or open it using your fingers to enlarge the map and choose your place of interest. By keeping your finger for approximately 3’’seconds at the same point, the application will automatically fill in the coordinates of the point selected and you are ready to get the forecast you require, or save it by giving it any name you like on your favourite places (My Locations), so that you do not have to redo the procedure for the same place again in future.
2. Alternatively, you can enter the coordinates manually using the ‘dot’ for the decimal point.
You can use it in the same way for marking different places in case you use the application to calculate distances from the option “Distance & Fuel“. The remaining directions can be found in the application ‘Help File’, which will enable the user to get the full use out of Marine Forecaster’s abilities.

Please, note, Marine Forecaster urges all users to read the instructions fully to ensure optimum value and safety. Sensible use and a personal duty of care is important to keep you safe.

Please, test the Marineforecaster app for yourself and give objective, constructive, feedback. Not only would we love to receive your feedback via Google Play or Apple Store, but we welcome personal feedback and constructive communications via our facebook site at: https://www.facebook.com/marineforecaster/?fref=ts